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When it comes to getting an accurate diagnosis, clear diagnostic test can provide an essential starting point. A diagnostic examination identifies an individual's specific areas of weakness and strength in order to determine a condition, disease or illness. Typically, new technology and modern medicines/substances are used to analyze and detect the disease and/or other medical conditions.

Centinela MD Diagnostic Center provides timely, cost-effective, and high quality diagnostic care in a safe and secure environment. It includes the clinical services of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine, and Radiology. We have invested in advanced diagnostic equipment to provide you with accurate results in less time, with greater precision. And we perform these tests with minimally invasive procedures.

We deliver the accurate results that you require. And all of our services are provided by compassionate medical professionals in a friendly, comfortable environment. Our physicians focus their full attention on your specific condition to give you the time you need and the care you deserve.

Our full-service diagnostic facility offers a number of diagnostic services:
• Cardio diagnostic
• Echocardiogram
• Doppler Evaluation
• Evaluation of Peripheral arteries
• Peripheral Vascular Testings – PAD peripheral arterial disease, PVD peripheral vascular disease
• Neurodiagnostics – nerve conduction servers and Electromyography (EMG)
• Diagnostic Digital x-rays – Digital x-rays, extremities, chest, skull scan, spine, etc.
• General Ultrasound
• General Obstetrics (OB)
• Abdominal Ultrasound (ABD u/s)
• Prostrate Ultrasound
• Small parts

The advanced diagnostic equipment allows us to offer fast examinations with more accurate results. You won’t have to wait for days to get the results. In most cases, once a patient’s examination is completed, our radiologist or other medical specialist will interpret the study while you are still in the office. The results are given the same day.

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Martha Johnson
10 Hours Ago

I was open to trying anything that could help my skin condition. I was aging and my skin was showing it so I went to the Wellness and Anti-aging Program. I was amazed at the results. This is something you will have to try for yourself. I have never been happier.

Willie Cedric
5 Days Ago

I heard about this Wellness Program and I knew I needed help. I needed something but I didn't know what. What they taught me and the information I gathered was extremely helpful and I feel like I have a new lease on life.

Peter Marcos
12 Days Ago

If I could imagine what my life would have been like if I didn't go to this Program, it would be depressing. Instead, I am so happy my sister referred me to this center and the results are fantastic. I didn't know what to expect but now I'm glad that I found this Program.

This could have been a rough life but all of a sudden, I feel like I just gained my youth back. Ask yourself what you would give to be 20 years old again. That's what I feel like. And I'm 45. Try it for yourself. Live long and prosper.

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